Blackhat - sound design feature

just received confirmation that some of my sound design I have been creating for Twisted Jukebox has been used in the trailer campaign of the movie "blackhat" starring Chris Hemsworth!

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vocal recordings for Bethesda's "Wolfenstein - The New Order"

... and now for something completely different. I am pretty happy to announce that my vocals have been featured on the soundtrack for Bethesda's upcoming video game "Wolfenstein - the new order". Many thanks to Mick Gordon for making this possible!

Remember the 60s? We conquered the world, we conquered the

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official demo "Rising" for Heavyocity's modern groove designer "DM-307"

by order of Neil Goldberg I was very fortunate to compose this official demo for Heavyocity's new modern groove designer "DM-307".

Please note! This track contains no percussion loops and no external effects (besides mastering). Everything was done inside either DM-307 or inside the sequencer via automating DM-307!

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